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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ya Gotta Believe

Their story began in 1989 when two brothers designed their first tee-shirt.  They knew nothing about the clothing industry or how to go about selling their product, but they sold it on the streets of Boston and up and down the east coast for five years--basically selling from college dorm to college dorm.  They did not get rich mainly gaining some good stories and existing on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Despite it all they believed in their product and message.  They did not know what the key to success would be, but they returned to Boston to give it one more shot.  

They gave it one more shot.  They printed up 48 tee-shirts for a street fair in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they sold them all out by noon.  In their own words this is what happened next: Soon Jake was introduced to local retailers, and his simple message of optimism was embraced like nothing the brothers had ever seen. As demand for product soared, Jake's team grew, and the Little Brand That Could began to spread across America.  Today they are a big business that sells their optimism and tee shirts all over the United States--even in Montana.

I have always been impressed with the dreamers who can envision what they want and are able to fulfill that dream despite the great odds put against them.  Life Is Good is one of those inspirational stories that I am always amazed at.  I like their story and I like their products.  I have three of their products, but would like many more.   You can check them out at:

The truth of the matter is that I am impressed with anyone who can put themselves out there and follow their dream.  I have a friend in Nebraska who continues to plug on toward her dream of being a big time coach--I think she already is even though she isn't making the big bucks.  Having become a beer snob I am always impressed with the stories of those individuals here in Montana who have started breweries.  Each and every one of their stories is impressive as they reached for their dreams, took the risk, and saw some form of fulfillment.

Surprisingly Montana is one of the leaders in the United States when it comes to entrepreneurship--right up there in the top ten despite being one of the least populous states in the nation.  Seems everyone is in business for him or her self here in Montana.  I don't know if they are crazy or have guts of steel, but people seem to be starting businesses despite the tough economic times.  Even more amazingly is that a lot of those business seem to make it.  I admire that independent and stick to the dream spirit.  I wish I had it . . . but sadly, despite my heart's desire, my brain gets in the way.

My brain often gets in the way of my heart no matter how wonderful my dream might be.  You all probably know all the arguments--time, money, etc.  The brain trumps the heart every time.  Both the wife and I know that God called us to Montana for a purpose and a reason and we each have an inkling of what that is for each of us.  We both have wonderful dreams--our hearts are in the right place, but our minds keep getting in the way.  In fact, the brain crushes the heart constantly.  We seem to be missing something that keeps us from fulfilling those dreams . . . maybe it is guts.

Life is good . . .

Maybe we have not chosen to let go and allow God to take complete control--who knows?  All I know is that neither one of us is completely content with where we are at this point even though we have both gained a lot in our present positions and jobs.  God has revealed a lot to us, but we just haven't gotten past the brain yet.

I would be curious to hear the dreams and success stories of those of you out there who have taken the opportunity to venture forth and follow your dreams.  I would like you to share those with me as a form of encouragement.  In the meantime I will continue to bask in the glow of those who have found success in following there dreams.  I will also keep praying that God will allow my heart to trump the brain and set us free . . . because life is good and God deserves nothing but our best.  My prayer:


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