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Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

When I got to work this morning my office was in disarray--my chairs were missing--things were stacked up on file cabinets and bookcases--but, my desk chair was missing!!  Even with the custodian we had a difficult time finding it.  I was beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, the chair was raptured and I got left behind.  Then the custodian reminded me that the carpets were cleaned over the weekend and that my desk chair had to be somewhere in the building.  Sure enough, it was.  After a ten minute look we found it in another room across from the office.  It had not been raptured . . . and like the rest of us it is still stuck here until the next rapture takes place.  To say the least, I was relieved--I still have a chance to make the next go-round.

I have never been much on the apocalyptic end time thing that seems to sweep across the world ever couple of years.  I think I have witnessed at least ten of these prophetic calls for rapture in my lifetime--and I'm still here and so are all of my friends and family.  Jesus told us--his followers--that no one knows the time or the place when the rapture would come.  Despite Jesus' own words there still seems to be this fascination with predicting the end time.  The guy who predicted it for this past Saturday, predicted the same thing back in 1994--it did not happen then.  He blamed it on his incorrect mathematical calculations.  This time he just doesn't know what he did wrong other than get a whole lot of people upset.  Jesus told us to watch out for those "false prophets".  Basically it means that we followers of Jesus need to make the most of every day because we never know . . .

Yesterday the wife and I went out moose hunting.  We did so because I was given a strong tip that there were a couple of moose in the area.  Two members of the congregation I served saw two on Saturday night--a young bull moose along the highway and a cow moose near a house not far from the highway.  It seemed like a good tip and since the wife has yet to see a moose since moving to Montana--well, it seemed like a good way to kill a couple of hours!  We saw no moose--nada--not a one.  The wife still believes that these are mythical, magical, mystical creatures that the locals like to talk about to get everyone excited to go out looking--sort of like an elaborate game of looking for Snipes.  All we saw was a Willet.  This bird has a beak like Jimmy Durante.  Despite its long beak it had a beautiful song.  This is what a Willet looks like:

Dora the Dachshund has found a new purpose in life . . . she is going to keep the squirrel out of the bird feeder in the backyard.  This past weekend she finally saw the squirrel doing its "in your face" number on the wife's bird feeder and the chase was on.  Dora gave chase, but the squirrel was too fast for her.  Dora has a good memory and she now stakes out one of two spots in the yard looking for the squirrel--under the bird feeder or in the corner where the squirrel feeder is.  The best that Dora has done so far is to make a lot of noise as the squirrel chatters away at her from a safe distance in the trees.  I don't think Dora would know what to do with a squirrel if she caught one, but right now she thinks that she is pretty big just barking at the squirrel.  What she hasn't figured out yet is that the squirrel is really two squirrels and they are playing mind games with her.  It is quite comical to watch them play their tricks on her.

 Dora looking for her "nemesis"--the Squirrel

The Squirrel

The Squirrel who doesn't care!

So there you have it--three completely random thoughts that have nothing to do with each other.  A desk chair that escaped the rapture and made me pause . . . a moose-less drive that produced a Willet . . . and a squirrel who enjoys antagonizing Dora.  Makes a person wonder what the rest of the world is thinking about on a Monday evening.  I hear there is some guy in southern California saying the world is going to end . . . as soon as the wife sees a moose and Dora the Dachshund catches a squirrel!

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