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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Musical Tribute to Rain

"Rain, rain, go away
and come again another day."

It does not look good for a 53-year old man to be dancing in the rain and singing the old children's song, "Rain, rain, go away and come again another day!"  The neighbors kind of look at you funny, and besides--it doesn't work.  The stupid song doesn't work.  Never has, but I thought it was worth a try as we are in the third day of a deluge here in Montana.  The forecast through the next week does not give one much hope as rain is forecast for each day.  I hear that the best-selling book over in the big city is Building an Ark for Dummies.  Along with everyone else in Montana I am getting tired of rain . . . and more rain . . . and even more rain!

I decided that since I could not stop the rain by singing and dancing around the yard I would bite the bullet and concede.  Instead of fighting the rain I decided to celebrate the rain by offering a musical tribute.  What follows are a few of the many songs that sing about rain.  I hope that you enjoy this tribute--if you can't beat the rain you might as well join the rain.  Enjoy!

Last week we had a couple of days in which we received about three inches of rain--then we had two nice days before this deluge started.  We all knew it was coming, but that is not going to stop us from complaining.  We should have known.  Here is a song you might remember from a group called the Fortunes:

Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again

I guess putting a peppy tune to a depressing subject like rain might make one bear the weather a little better, but I doubt it.  Waiting for it to rain is no fun and maybe the Eurythmics have a better take it on with their song:

Here Comes the Rain Again

Well, the rain is already here, so we have to make the best of it I suppose.  The Judds found that by sitting in rocking chairs and rocking to its rhythm it wasn't so bad.  Yeah, but they don't have duck floating by with life jackets on either.  You decide if rocking in a rocking chair helps your mood when it rains:

Rockin' With the Rhythm of the Rain

The rocking chairs on our deck are floating right now, so I think rocking to the rhythm of the rain is out of the question.  Those southern girls just don't know when to come in out of the rain.  But, hey, Gene Kelly thinks we ought to sing and dance in the rain:

Singing in the Rain

Again, if I did a musical dance number out on the street of my neighborhood they would call the local cops.  First of all I cannot dance--at least not without a few beers; I cannot sing--except in my truck with the windows rolled up; and, I cannot do either one at the same time.  Neighbors would think I was either drunk or crazy!  Yet, if it keeps raining like this I just might go crazy running down the street laughing!  I don't think that is what Neil Sedaka had in mine when he sang this next song.  I think he was trying to be romantic--now you tell me who is crazy:

Laughter in the Rain

Another romantic take on rain came from a BJ Thomas song that was in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  I loved the movie and still think that it is the best pre-VH1 and MTV video featuring Paul Newman.  I am not really sure what it has to do with rain but the video is fun:

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head 

The problem with this rain is that it has not really stopped--it keeps coming down--all day and all night.  We never get a break!  Maybe if it would just stop during the night, but no!  No it has to keep raining.  Eddie Rabbitt likes rainy nights--what would you expect from a guy with the last name of "Rabbitt":

I Love a Rainy Night

One of my favorite "rain" songs is from Bruce Hornsby.  I loved this song when it first came out years ago and I still like.  I wonder what ever happened to Bruce?  Probably floating down the Yellowstone River with all this rain.  Here is Mandolin Rain:

Mandolin Rain

Sorry about that, I guess I was getting sentimental there for a minute.  Must be my water-logged brain.  I am ready for the rain to stop.  But who will stop the rain?  Like Credence Clearwater Revival all this rain kind of gets a person confused.  First, they want to know if  anyone has seen the rain--duh!  And, then they want to know what we all want to know--who is going to stop it!  Enjoy both of CCR's contributions to the rain tribute:

Have You Seen the Rain

Who'll Stop the Rain

There were a whole lot more songs about rain out there.  Seems everyone who sings has had some sort of an encounter with rain and decided to sing about it.  But that is my musical tribute to rain.  The nice thing about rain is that it does eventually stop--even without singing the children's song.  When it does it will bring out its rainbow, which brings me to my last song as a tribute to rain--Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  For all of you purists out there, I apologize, but I have always loved Jewel's version the best:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So, what are some of your favorite "rain" songs?  Let me know and maybe the next time it rains I'll put them up.  In the meantime, keep dry!

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