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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Evil Computers

In both of my jobs--secular and religious--I use the computer a lot.  At times, in both, it is the cornerstone and foundation of everything I do.  For the most part I usually have no issues with the computers I work with at home or work . . . but there are those moments when I know that whatever evil lurks deep within those computers springs out to make my life a living hell.  I know that a computer is only as smart as the person who is running it, but I give my computers credit where credit is due--they are much smarter than me!

This afternoon I was working on an assignment in a "share point" program when disaster struck.  A "share point" program is one that allows various users to enter information into a central document and keep it safely stored for all to use.  That is the premise, but the "share point" program had never encountered a computer wreck like me before.  With one stroke on the keyboard I made over six months worth of hard work and documents disappear--POOF!

As I stared at the blank screen my heart dropped to the floor and fear streaked through my veins--this was not good.  There were going to be a lot of upset and angry co-workers.  The "flight or fight" gene kicked into overdrive and my first inclination was to boogie out before anyone found out.  I figured I would never come back.  But my conscience would not allow me to do that and I went forth to confess my careless sin.

To say the least my co-workers were fairly generous though concerned.  The IT person said that I didn't wipe out all the files, I just turned off the means to view it.  Within twenty minutes and lots of computer magic she had restored all the files.  There was great joy throughout the kingdom!  Especially for me.  Luckily I did this towards the end of the day and only had to put up with a little ribbing, but I will be reminded of this for a long, long time.

I hope that my computers have now gotten this out of their systems . . . that the evil has bedded itself for a while.  I will be a little leery of getting too confident around my computers as they seem to have a sense when I am getting too big for my britches.  I am just thankful for all those folks who work in IT--they are super heroes in my eyes as they have saved me more than once.  Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of computers--only IT knows, and if you give me enough time I will spring it loose!  Beware the evil of the computer!

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