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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Springtime in Montana

It is the third week of April.  The calendar said that we entered the season of Spring a little while ago . . . calendars don’t lie.  The groundhog gave up the ghost long ago . . . we are well beyond the predicted date for Spring.  And, yet, I look out the window as I write this and I see SNOW!  Lots of snow!  Like, three inches of snow . . . and, it is supposed to snow all night!  Welcome to Springtime in Montana!

Now, I should not complain as this is probably all my fault for having written a blog way back in January lamenting our lack of snow in Montana.  I complained that the northeast and east was getting all of our snow.  I guess God heard my complaint and has gone about the business of rectifying the problem.  It has now snow four out of the past seven days . . . who says God doesn’t answer prayer?  Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?  Just come to Montana for the springtime!

I will admit, I am tired of cleaning my car off every morning to go into the big city to work.  The two dogs, dachshunds, are tired of plowing through the snow in order to take a leak . . . cold bellies are not conducive to peeing in the snow.  And, I can’t blame them as I do not even like peeing in the snow . . . even though, long ago, I used to be able to write my name in the snow . . . but that got old quick—around February or so.  I am tired of snow!  I think most Montanans are . . .

Though most of us Montanans—except those around the ski slopes—are tired of the snow, we are thankful for whatever moisture we get.  The snow, as moisture-less as it is, is helping us alleviate our drought problems.  It is adding moisture to the earth that is desperately in need of it.  Last summer was a bad year for fires in Montana . . . Colorado got the publicity even though Montana had more fires and acres burnt.  So, most of us are mumbling under our breath, grinning, and bearing the snow.

Yet, at the same time, we are longing for Spring . . . those two days that happen between the cold of winter and the heat of summer.  Yeah, I know, it will happen, but I don’t want to miss it.  I thought we had it the other day, but I blinked and the snow started falling again.  It has been confusing for the bears.  The bears have been coming out of hibernation and discovering that the weather is worse than when they went to sleep.  Bears waking up in the Spring are hungry bears . . . hungry bears can find no food in the snow . . . this causes hungry bears to migrate to where the food is . . . namely garbage cans in the nearby towns.  Garbage cans are like a buffet for bears . . . pop the lid and help yourself!  There has been a rumor that a bear has already been spotting in our fine town . . . it ain’t even May yet!

Yes, it is the third week of April.  Snow is falling.  I’d gripe some more, but I need to go out and clean my car off.  Come to Montana in April they said . . . obviously they had never been to Montana in April.

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Maryland Bob said...

Write in the snow? Pee in the snow? Shared activity? Shared activity? Either way never thought of that...damn where have I been?