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Sunday, April 21, 2013

For a Moment . . . Hope

For a moment there was hope.  The title of the MSN.com article proclaimed: “Why Do Fat Guys Live Longer?”  According to the research of the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for Disease Control overweight men—and their mildly obese buddies—are likely to outlive skinnier guys.  That is what their research showed after examining 97 studies that tracked body mass and morbidity states on nearly three million people of all ages.  Through their research it was discovered that there is a “window” in the body mass index (BMI) that actually had the overweight people outliving the normal-weight people . . . that BMI was ranging from 25 to 29.5.  Also, though not to the same degree, those with BMIs in the 30 to 34.5 range were slightly more likely to dodge the grim reaper’s scythe.

To a guy who caught his Alfred Hitchcock profile in the mirror the other day that sounded like good news.  It gave me hope.  Lately, as the weather ever so slowly changes to warmer (and more body exposure) temperatures, I have been contemplating the need to shed a few of those winter pounds that I have been expertly hiding under sweaters and sweat shirts.  That contemplation included the ideas of dieting and exercise . . . sounds vaguely like something my doctor suggested.  But that sounds like work . . . hard work . . . real, hard work.  The article gave me hope.  Fat guys outlive skinny guys, and I am leaning more towards the fat guy side than the skinning guy side!

Researchers are not really sure why this happens . . . not sure why fat guys outlive skinny guys.  It just happens.  One reason, but not certain, is that overweight people have a tendency to visit their doctors more often with health concerns.  That is where all my concern started—with the doctor telling me that it would be good for me to lose a little weight and to exercise more.  Ouch!

So, when I saw this article I was nearly brought to tears . . . God does answer prayers!  Hope abounded and I saw myself jiggling with the good news!  Hey, I only have to pack on a couple of more pounds . . . okay, about thirty more . . . and, I will have hit the magic window.  Then I read the rest of the article.  Talk about a downer!

It was strongly discouraged of taking the route of fatness to happiness and longer life.  Fat is not good for anyone . . . especially those of us entering into the so-called golden years.  The worse fat, according to the article, is abdominal fat . . . you know, the Alfred Hitchcock profile sort of fat.  They list off quite an array of health problems associated with this sort of fat, among them not being able to see one’s toes.  I assure you, I can still see my toes.  And, no, the dogs do not hang out in the shade cast by my southern hemisphere!

I don’t know who it was who instilled in my mind that I have to read articles from start to finish . . . curse that individual!  If I had stopped at the beginning, there would still be hope.  But, now, it is gone . . . so, I am back to where I was before.  I am needing to lose some weight, watch my diet, and exercise.  My body cringes whenever I think about it . . . it moans in anticipation of what is to come.  Darn those researchers . . . darn those cheese burgers . . . darn those moments when one helping is not enough! 

For a moment, carrying the Alfred Hitchcock profile gave me hope.  For a moment I rejoiced in the Dunlop around my mid-section.  For a moment I welcomed the Buddha look.  But hope is sometimes a fleeting thing . . . here not, gone tomorrow.  Oh well, I guess I should put the bag of chips away . . . darn skinny people.  They ruin it for the rest of us!

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