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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Potpourri

Potpourri . . . I think it is a French word that means "moan and groan" or "bitch and complain".  Actually it means a mixture of things--often not related--thrown together to create something unique.  I kind of like my original understanding of it in French, but either way it will work for this blog.  I have a few things I am thinking of, but nothing that would constitute a whole blog topic--thus, potpourri.

 Gas prices continue to climb in our area and the rest of the world.  I read this evening in Time magazine that the a big part of the problem is that the rest of the world has started to use more and more gas, thus driving up the cost of gas in our country.  This continues to happen even though we Americans are using less and less of the stuff.  I think it is pure greed, but what do I know.  I know that there is supposedly plenty of gas available and the prices continue to rise.  As I was filling up my vehicle this evening I was reminded of that scene with Al Pacino from Dog Day Afternoon.  It was the scene where he is negotiating with the police and he keeps telling the police to "kiss me."  This confuses the police as they don't understand what he means.  Finally he tells them, "I liked to be kissed when I am being ****ed!"  Crude, but probably what most of us feel when fueling our vehicles.  I know, wah, wah, wah!

Slush . . . what a wonderful surprise when I woke up this morning, prepared to go to the big city to work at the university, and discovered that it was slushing!  Actually it was snowing, but as soon as it hit the ground it was slush--three to five inches of slush.  Now I enjoy a nice slush--typically cherry flavored--but this was not that kind of slush.  It was a steady forty to fifty miles speed all the way into the big city.  Now this is not all that bad except for all those speed demons who don't know how to drive in the slush.  Hey, what do they care?  They've got four-wheel drive and can handle anything . . . at least that is what they keep saying as they slide off in the ditch.  I appreciate the spray as they go blazing by . . . I appreciate how they think driving with their high beams and fog lights will make it easier for them to see the ditch as they slide off . . . and, I hope they appreciate my sign language.  I guess it is appropriate that no one else is in the truck with me--my ordination is still safe.

Typically a slushy snow storm usually means that we Montanans are entering into that period off weather when Mother Nature cannot decide whether or not she is going with winter or spring.  This morning started out in near blizzard conditions (northern Montana was in a blizzard) and ended with all the snow melted due to the warm temperatures.  I guess that is probably why most Montanans dress in layers--we are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way.  Yet, at the same time, it would be nice if she would make up her mind one way or another--WINTER or SPRING?  I don't care which one, but make a decision and stick to it!

Peyton Manning is to become a Denver Bronco--who cares?  Probably Peyton as they are offering a minimum of 90 million dollars over five years to play for them.  Ninety million dollars . . . I think that is the state budget for Montana.  That is a lot of moo-la for just playing a game that has no relevance (outside of pure entertainment) in most of our lives--it is a game!  Good for him, he has succeeded in living the American Dream and has used its economics to get what he wanted.  For those of you out there now fearing that Tim Tebow could be coming to your team . . . well, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry because I think the Broncos should keep Tebow and use him as a running back who can play a little quarterback.  With Manning as the quarterback and Tebow as the running back it could be quite an awesome combination.  Denver could win all around on this one and it would lessen the stress of my clergy friend in Bozeman worrying that Tebow is going to Miami.  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.

Despite the fact that my children are all involved in the March Madness of the NCAA basketball tournament, I have once again succeeded in avoiding filling our a bracket.  One has to wonder what all this is really about--is it about the basketball being played or is it about the brackets (gambling) that are being filled out?  I would hope it is about the basketball being played, but something tells me that it is otherwise . . . especially when every person I hear keeps telling me that their "bracket is busted" and they are out of the running.  I just like the basketball.  I would love the opportunity to follow a team through the tournament--from start to end.  It should be about the game--favorite teams--and the love of a bunch of kids putting their all on the line, not about whether or not I still have teams left in the race for the over all best bracket.  I know . . . wah, wah, wah!

Last little bit of potpourri . . . MUD.  Slush in snow with lots of moisture, lots of moisture.  Moisture makes mud--especially in our back yard.  The dogs like to run in the yard, which means they run in the mud.  The mud gets on their paws and legs.  They love it, we hate it.  We have light brown carpeting in the house.  Mud shows up on it well.  We should have gotten mud colored carpeting, but we weren't thinking.  This muddy season now entails us washing the dogs off every time they come in from being out. They don't like and neither do we.  We are seriously talking about getting mud color carpeting or boots for the dogs--the carpeting is winning.  In the meantime we clean paws.  Mud sucks!

I know, this truly is a potpourri of whining and complaining about pretty much nothing at all . . . and, that is okay.  It is okay because at least for a few minutes I stopped thinking about those serious things I am always thinking about in my life--NO, not world peace, justice, and equality for all living human beings!  No, not that stuff . . . stuff like: I wonder if Rogaine really works--I could use some!  You know, the things that matter.  In the meantime, I am thankful that my life is really not that bad.  I have a family that loves me, a church I enjoy serving, and a God who loves me.  Oh yeah, plus I hope that my Minnesota Vikings don't end up with Tim Tebow!  Oui,oui, this is truly potpourri!

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