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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three Minutes . . . Inspiration

Actually, for the three minutes you get a beer.  The Dutch brewery, Amstel, created a beer vending machine (link) that rewarded people with a free beer if they could slack off for three minutes . . . that means no cellphones or talking to other people or picking your nose . . . if you couldn’t, well, the machine would ring a bell and you would have to start all over.  The company wanted to remind people that it is good to take a time out from the busyness of our everyday world and just relax.  Three minutes of nothingness and . . . ding . . . a beer came rolling out. According to my boss at the university I probably could have walked away with a case!

The Good Book tells us that we should pause in the busyness of life and relax . . . I think it was on that tablet Moses dropped on the way down from his conference with God on the mountain . . . something like the fifteenth commandment . . . don’t worry, be happy sort of thing.  I imagine God knows what God is talking about . . . but, I don’t understand why God didn’t come up with the beer vending machine on God’s own.  Downright inspirational!  Beer and slacking off . . . kind of go hand in hand. It may not be the “golden rule”, but the “amber rule” will suffice.

Quoting a phrase that is often misattributed to Benjamin Franklin, the reason God created beer was to make us happy.  And, God must want to make us very, very happy because there is so much beer being produced . . . and I am not talking about that massed produced stuff being made by the big breweries like Budweiser or Miller . . . I am talking about all the micro-breweries.  Montana has well over thirty micro-breweries creating some of the best beer a god-fearing person could ever want to relax with:

So many breweries . . . so little vacation time!  I need more time to relax!

I have always considered myself to be a person of faith.  I have always attempted to live my life in accordance with God’s desires.  And, I will be the first to admit that I have not always come through quite like God would want me to . . . especially when it comes to relaxing from the busyness of life.  I think it was the prophet Hops who said, “All work and no play makes for a grumpy disciple.”  Lately, I have been grumpy . . . the wife tells me to relax . . . the children tell me to relax . . . friends tell me to relax.  I hear the spirits calling my name . . . relax and have a Moose Drool!

If the Amstel brewing company was willing to depart with a can of beer for three minutes of relaxation . . . well, imagine what God would be willing to do for a little relaxation on our parts . . . I can!  My only problem is I am not sure which comes first . . . the beer or the relaxation.  They sort of go hand-in-hand.  I could probably become a monk for an eternal supply of brew. 

Inspiration comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Three minutes is well worth the effort . . . what gives you inspiration to stop, relax, and enjoy life?  For me, a good IPA beer does it every time.  God can put my beer vending machine in the garage . . . that is my prayer!  Amen!

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