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Friday, May 3, 2013

Because . . .

I have never been a coffee drinker . . . ever!  I have never even tried it as I have never had an affinity for the smell of coffee . . . kind of turns me off.  But, after a recent article in the Billings Gazette I am seriously considering becoming a coffee drinker.  True, research has shown the benefits of being a moderate coffee drinker.  True, I would join most of the rest of the family in partaking of this black, smelly liquid as a kick-starter to the morning, and feel as if I belong.  And, true, there would be lots of affirmation from those around me that I was finally stepping up into manhood by getting rid of the tea bags and drinking a “manly” beverage.  But, those would be none of the reasons I would become a coffee drinker.  I would become a coffee drinker because . . .

. . . well, maybe you should read the article: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/skimpy-outfits-at-helena-coffee-kiosk-generate-business-controversy/article_c7b64c4c-cc5e-5988-a774-22cf5c01fb8f.html.  When asked why they were starting a coffee kiosk where women in skimpy outfits sell coffee, the owners replied: “Because we knew it would make a lot of money.”  Apparently these owners know what sells as business has been great with cars lined up on the street wanting to get their daily java.  Ah, the joy of coffee!

Then, again, I wouldn’t know.  As I stated, I am not a coffee drinker . . . never have been.  I have always been a tea drinker . . . but I might be convinced to give it a try . . . or at least it might be something I might look into the next time I am in Helena. 

I know, I know!  What is really being sold here?  Is it coffee or something else . . . the allure of sex, maybe?  I guess that is something that each individual must decide for him or herself.  Right now, not having actually seen the kiosk, I am still out on what I think.  Others, of course, have expressed their opinions.  Some have been surprised to discover that when they order their coffee they are being served by women in lingerie . . . despite signage everywhere stating that it is a lingerie coffee shop . . . so, there have been a few embarrassed individuals.  Some have voiced their disapproval, suggesting that it is in poor taste (how do they know, they haven’t even tasted the coffee) and too close to a neighboring elementary school (according to the school there have been no complaint from parents).  The city has stated it has received a “mixed bag” of comments for and against the kiosk, but nothing directly—of course most were sent in on coffee stained napkins.  According to the city, the owners of the kiosk followed and are following all the laws necessary for their kiosk.  The city has no complaints.  As far as the city is concerned the owners are not breaking any laws in regards to selling coffee or sex. 

Since I don’t drink coffee, I really don’t care.  And, no, I am not going to start drinking coffee either.  I do applaud the owners for using their creativity in figuring out a way to increase business and make a little more money.  Coffee is a big industry . . . sex is a big industry . . . both make lots of money . . . and, together they make even more!  You got to hand it to the owners—they were thinking.  Good luck to them . . .

. . . good to them because I think it is going to be a tough business.  Montana is a fickle state, especially when it comes to the weather.  Here we are in May and we are still having snow . . . the temperatures are ten to fifteen degrees cooler than normal . . . and, I don’t imagine wearing lingerie when it is cold is a lot of fun.  I think the owners really only have a three to four month window to sell this gimmick of coffee and skin.  They had better hope business is good during those months because once the snow starts flying, I think the clothes start piling on.  Could hurt business.

The old saying is that you cannot make all the people happy all of the time . . . someone always has a complaint.  But, this is America . . . the land of opportunity . . . the land of consumerism.  Sex sells products.  If you don’t believe that, then watch the advertisements that grace our television sets . . . sex appeal works in selling products and goods.  I don’t hear a whole lot of complaining going on about that.  In the meantime, coffee sells are increasing . . . it seems that a little skin with one’s coffee is good business.  Now, if it were a tea shop . . . I might be enticed.  In the meantime, to those who like their coffee and need a little sex with it, enjoy the kiosk in Helena.  It sells. 

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