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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Miracles Happen

I like my computer, but I do not understand my computer.  I do not understand how it works . . . I do not understand how it does the stuff that it does . . . I do not know where they hide the little geniuses who make my computer work.  My computer is magic . . . it is a mystery.  I love my computer.
I love my computer because it is an act of faith every time I sit before its monitor and begin tapping on its keys.  I am in awe of what it can do.  Ten years ago I would have never imagined I could do the things that I do on a daily basis today . . . they were the things of science fiction.  I am amazed that I can push a button and—POOF!—it happens.  It is a miracle.

My son, who works in computers (Information Technology), has attempted to explain to me the intricacies of the realm of computers . . . unfortunately he is speaking to a believer . . . one of the faithful who does not question but only accepts.  I do not need to know the complicated technological lingo of the computer to understand that it is a miracle each and every time I use the computer.  It is a miracle!

I understand, as a minister, that a miracle is a revelation of the holy . . . a revelation of God.  Trust me, when I am banging on the computer I feel the presence of the holy . . . I feel the presence of God.  I have to . . . how else am I going to explain how the things that happen happen!  It has to be God!  Only God could pull off this stuff.  This stuff is as good as Jesus turning the five fish and two loaves into enough food to feed nearly ten thousand people—it is a miracle.
I know it is a miracle.  I know because of one of my workmates at work.  She is a black hole when it comes to computers . . . whenever she even gets near a computer it starts acting up . . . nothing works.  Then she will do something and it works.  She always proclaims, “It’s a miracle!”  I know that she is speaking the truth.  She even utters God’s name when it works . . . it has to be a miracle . . .

. . . or maybe magic.  I could almost believe that it is magic, except I don’t believe in magic.  Magic is optical illusion . . . a sleight of hand . . . a mindbender.  What I witness at my computer is more than a fancy trick . . . it is an act of God.  Has to be.  God is a mystery . . . my computer is a mystery . . . put two and two together.  It is a miracle!

Or, maybe, I am wrong.  Maybe my computer is a sign of what could be . . . a glimpse of the kingdom to come.  My computer allows me to know the power of God . . . the ability to correct mistakes . . . to clean up images and make them perfect . . . to make mistakes disappear . . . to transform the mundane into the spectacular.  Such power, such ability . . . it is truly a miracle.  How else could it happen?  My computer reveals the holy and I stand in awe of its power.  It is a miracle, plain and simple . . . if not, I want someone to explain it to me in language that any third grader could understand.  Yeah, that is what I thought . . . it is a miracle!   

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