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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cracked Windshields

How do you know you are from Montana?  You drive motor vehicles with cracked windshields.

For the second time in a week my windshield took another hit from a flying rock from the car in front of me.  For the second time in a week my windshield sustained a chip in the glass.  For the second time in a week I threw my ordination out the window and said words that would melt the paint off of walls.  The world is beginning to look like a giant jig saw puzzle whenever I drive thanks to the growing cracks and chips that are in the windshield.

Now there are those of you out there who probably think that I am kidding when I say that most Montanans have cracked windshields . . . but, I kid you not.  Not one of the three vehicles that we own is without a crack or numerous chips or pits.  The children would have had a blast years ago connecting all the chips and pits with a marker . . . now I just get lots of creative reflections from the sun . . . sort of like a kaleidoscope or having way too much to drink.  All three of the vehicles have cracks.

There is no worse sound to my ears—except maybe the sound of a flat tire—than a stone hitting the windshield.  THWACK!  The louder the “thwack” the bigger the chip.  A chip would not be so bad except weather in Montana likes to go to extremes—cold and hot.  When the temperature gets below zero those chips like to expand into a crack.  When the temperature gets above a hundred and the windshield heats up to something over a 150 degree . . . well, those chips and pits like to move around the windshield like a drunk map drawer. 

Plus, whenever I hear a “thwack” my mind automatically hears “ka-ching”!  Ka-ching as in a cash register ringing up another sale . . . as in money flying out of my wallet and bank account.  That almost hurts more than the damage done to my windshield.  Needless to say, I am a little tight with my money.  Yeah, my wallet squeaks when I walk across the room.  Replacing windshields is expensive . . . multiply that by three and you can see why I cringe every time I hear the “thwack” of a rock hitting my windshield.

So, I drive with cracked windshields . . . at least until we get through the rock and ice season here in Montana.  I think that gives me about a two-week period in mid-July to get all three windshields replaced.  But, in the meantime, I drive with cracked windshields.  Unless I am driving into the sun it is really no problem, but when the sunlight hits those cracks just right it is like a light show at a Rolling Stones concert.  The special effects are amazing as I pray to God that I am still in my own lane.

I have been told that law enforcement can pull people over who have cracked windshields in Montana and issue a ticket for being a driving nuisance.  I have heard that, but I have never seen it.  I imagine that it would be more of a hassle because law enforcement would be pulling over just about every car and truck with a Montana license plate.  They would have no time to anything but issue tickets for cracked windshields.

Cracked windshields do not bother me as much as they bother the wife.  I think they add a sense of character and toughness to my little Volkswagen Jetta . . . the wife thinks that they make her Toyota Tacoma look trashy.  I figure that the cracks in the Jetta reflect the driver . . . I have been told numerous times that I am a little cracked.  Not really sure what people meant by that, but I often feel a little beat up . . . so, why not my car?

I have been having a sort of contest with the vehicles this winter.  Our Ford Ranger was winning, but the Jetta easily caught up this week.  The Tacoma is a distance third.  It is hard to say who will win at this point, but I am betting on the Jetta because it is my winter vehicle.  My goal is to make it to mid-July when I replace all the windshields without any of them falling out.  It is going to be close.  Ya gotta love living in Montana!


Gale Freeman said...

It seems to me that the cracks in the windshield is a trademark of the Montanians, eh? Haha! I really don't mind having a few cracks in my windshield, as long as it doesn’t impede my view of the road. But then, it’s important to consider replacing it, especially when it looks like one more good "thwack" will shatter the whole thing. Take care!

Gale Freeman @ Crash Auto Glass

BullseyeAutoGlass said...

I can only imagine. It's either that the windshield can endure those blows and damages, or you get rid of it completely for a new one. It's really the fear of what comes next from that crushing hit that is really what can eat into your skin, though only for a while. Stay safe!

Brian Gunsales @ Bullseye Auto Glass Team

Ginger Cain said...

Uh-oh! I don't think having rocks fly straight to your windshield is a good sign. Although the roads may seem spacious enough to prevent a high number of accidents, being thrown off focus by a rock hitting your windshield could be dangerous. Just make sure to be extra careful, John! Drive safe!

Ginger Cain @ Ultimate Collision

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