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Saturday, November 3, 2012


A kaleidoscope works on the principle of multiple reflection.  Today was a kaleidoscope day.  The focus of the day was the tenth annual craft sale that the congregation I serve held.  It ended with the last fire pit of the season.  It was a good day.

Because of my “other” job I do not have the time to spend involved in the life of the community which I live . . . there just is not enough of the sort of time where I can just hang out with the people.  The tenth annual craft fair was one of those opportunities in which I had the privilege and honor of spending time with members from the congregation and community.  I must say that I appreciate the hard work and time that members of the congregation put in to make the day such a wonderful blessing.  It was a great joy to be able to sit around, wander around, and just “be” with so many people.  The purpose of the sale might have been to sell things, but the real purpose was just to be able to be in the presence of one another.  I always enjoy being able to just be in the presence of others, enjoying their fellowship, conversation, and laughter . . . there was lots of that.

In the afternoon I was graciously granted a reprieve from the craft sale to watch my beloved Nebraska University Cornhuskers take on the Michigan State Spartans in a football game.  Until the waning seconds of the game, I am not sure that it was such a gracious act on their part.  The Cornhuskers were far from their mythical form . . . but, they were true to form for this season.  I went back and forth from frustration to elation as the Huskers came from behind to beat the Spartans in the closing seconds of the game.  This year’s edition of the Cornhuskers have hasten my aging process by tenfold . . . after the game I felt about a hundred years old!  Breaking the frustration of the game was the time I got to spend (at halftime) back at the craft sale.  I appreciate the women of the church keeping me grounded . . . besides, they did not want to hear my profane assessment of the game to that point!

Securing the victory, having a successful craft sale, we ended the evening with a final fire pit.  As the flames leaped towards the starry sky it was difficult not to reflect upon the day.  In the coolness of the night the flames warmed the body and touched the soul.  I do not think that there is anything more beautiful than sitting under a starry Montana sky with family and friends enjoying a warm fire.  Joining me around the fire pit were my wife and two of my sons . . . oh yeah, plus the dashing Dachshund, Dora, and the trusting Boxer, Maddie.  It was a perfect evening . . . well, close.

The two children, the odd numbered children, like to talk smack about sports . . . fire pits warrant more reflective conversation beyond the world of whether or not one sports team kicked the crud out of another sports team.  Fire pits deserve conversation about the moon and the stars and the wonder of creation.  Fire pits deserve meditation and quietness.  But, I survived.  I survived because it was a joy to have some of those I love so much joining me at the pit.  It was a blessing that went with the rest of the day.

Now I sit at the computer writing this blog and reflecting upon this day.  It has been a kaleidoscope sort of a day.  There have been many reflections . . . and each I have appreciated.  In the busyness of the craft sale I found moments of great blessing as I was able to be with those I have been called to love and serve.  This truly is a good community that I am still slowly learning more and more about.  They continue to surprise me with their graciousness and love.  In the frustration of the football game I was blessed with the buoyancy of youth, the determination to not lose, and the luck of the moment.  And, at the fire pit . . . well, it was a joy to end the day sitting around the fire, watching the flames dance against the darkness of the sky, and hearing the voices of those that I love.  What more could a person ask for?

Life is an adventure . . . an adventure that seems to lead us in a variety of directions . . . and, yet, at the same time it affords us a variety of reflections for us to pause and consider . . . a kaleidoscope.  For the reflections I have been able to share this day, I give thanks.  May you discover these days for yourself. 

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