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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow Person Humor

Well, winter finally arrived in our little corner of Montana.  Since last Thursday we have probably gotten about six inches of snow, with a couple still laying around everywhere.  With winter's arrival it won't be long before "they" start showing up again as they migrate back to the colder climates . . . and it has been plenty cold around here.  Yesterday morning it was a minus six degrees, but it warmed up to the low twenties today!  A virtual heatwave here in Montana!  But the snow people are going to be arriving soon and they will be worse than the deer.  They will be in everyone's yards--melting and creating mud before they disappear.  Yeah, it is snow people season!

Since they are going to be around for a while and it seems that we can't get rid of them, I have decided that I might as well enjoy them.  With that in mind I want to share a bunch of "snow people" comics with you that a co-worker shared with me.  Enjoy the arrival of winter and laugh with the snow people!

I hoped that you enjoyed all the "snow people" cartoons!  You can't escape winter, thus you can't escape the "snow people"--so learn to enjoy them and laugh.  I leave you with my favorite winter joke: What is the difference between snow men and snow women?  Now think about this . . . think harder . . . okay--SNOWBALLS!  Enjoy!

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