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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jesus Laughed

It would have been nice if at least one of the writers of the Bible had recorded that Jesus laughed . . . but, they didn't.  Nowhere in the Bible can I find a statement that states that Jesus laughed.  Oh, I can find one where he wept . . . I can find one where he displayed his anger . . . but, nowhere in the Bible can I find a statement about Jesus laughing.  Noting his frustration with the disciples and their lack of understanding, I find it difficult to think that Jesus did not laugh.  I think that Jesus laughed all of the time, but because it is not written anywhere in the New Testament . . . anywhere in the whole Bible . . . Jesus was a pretty humorless individual.  I cannot buy into that premise.  I think that Jesus laughed . . . that he laughed hard belly-aching sorts of laughs . . . and, I think that he laughed often.

That is what I think.

But, who cares what I think?  If it is not printed in red letters in the literal word of God it is not the gospel truth.  Jesus didn't laugh . . . the Bible says so, or at least does not acknowledge that there might have been a holy humor in our Savior.  Yet, how can anyone believe that the Holy . . . that God, and even Jesus does not have a sense of humor?  Open up your eyes . . . look around . . . the Holy, God (and Jesus), have a sense of humor.  I think that God laughs all of the time, after all, God created us.

Because we seem to take the easy way out--at least according to M. Scott Peck this is the root cause of sin--we cannot accept things that are not concrete facts.  Because the red letters of the the New Testament mark the words and actions of Jesus as concrete facts . . . and, nowhere in the Bible does it state that either God or Jesus ever laughed . . . then it must be true.  The Holy is humorless.  Jesus never laughed.  That is a sad, sad thought to think that Jesus never laughed . . . never had a good time . . . was the drag of the party.  I can't buy it.  Jesus could make water into wine . . . sounds like the sort of guy one would want to have at a party.  Jesus could walk on water . . . that is pretty impressive.  When was the last time you walked across the swimming pool?  Jesus told jokes.  Probably played practical jokes.  Jesus loved life . . . enjoyed life . . . anything less was not acceptable.  So, how in the world can people believe that Jesus did not laugh.

Where did this idea of laughter and humor are not a part of the journey of faith . . . not a part of religious?  Where did the idea of faith and religion as some dry, humorless, serious endeavor come from?  Where did the idea of sitting through worship was meant to be a quiet and pious experience come from?  Where did the idea of laughter in faith or church become sinful?  Where did all of this silly garbage come from?  I don't buy it . . . Jesus laughed.

Because Jesus laughed, we should laugh.

Every church that I have served has been told that I do not believe that anyone has truly worshipped if there has not been at least one laugh during the Sunday service.  They have been told that I do not believe that we can submit the benediction until we have had at least one good laugh.  I believe that laughter is holy . . . that it is the Spirit at play . . . that it is a sign of great joy in an intimate relationship between the individual and the Holy.  Laughter is necessary for anyone to truly worship.  Jesus laughed and so should we.

I realize that this might be a radical idea to some folks out there, especially if you lean to the right and are pretty fundamental in the way that you think . . . but, Jesus was a pretty radical sort of a guy.  I also realize that this idea of a Holy Presence having a sense of humor might offend some folks, but maybe the Spirit will move them to see the irony (a form of humor in itself) of such silly wastes of time over arguments as to whether or not Jesus enjoyed a good laugh.  I realize this and all I can do is smile as I suppress the urge to laugh.

I just wish someone had written it down . . . that Jesus laughed.  Had they written it down I would not have had to waste a whole hour defending the Lord's sense of humor.  People would have accepted it.  Maybe, if we can get Billy Graham to say it . . . or Pope Francis to declare . . . there still might be a chance that people will believe . . . Jesus laughed.  If someone had written it down it sure would have made my life easier.

But, they didn't.  There are no red-letters.  Nothing.  Yet, I believe . . . I can't prove it, but I believe.  Isn't that the foundation to faith . . . to believe.  Thus it is that I will continue to share the humor of life with those I witness to . . . to those who gather for worship . . . to those who I walk with in their times of need.  I will continue to offer the gift of laughter as a part of the experience of the Holy.  Through laughter the divine is touched . . . the divine is experienced . . . and, the Holy is encountered.  I believe this . . . but, it sure would have been nice if someone had caught Jesus on video, put it on YouTube . . . if it is on the Internet it has to be true.

Jesus laughed . . . so should we!

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PaulBarbour said...

Another Montana memory. I had a call-in show on KOJM in Havre. I don't recall how it came up, but a lady with a Norwegian accent said "There is no place for mirth in Christianity."