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Sunday, September 15, 2013


The rain finally came in the past seven days . . . with an onslaught.  In the past seven days I would venture to guess that we have received well over two inches of rain.  Now, I do not want to complain, but after a summer or rainless drought, couldn’t God have timed this a little better?

For the second summer in a row, we Montanans have endured another drought . . . a hot, miserable, rainless drought.  The ground was brick hard . . . the grass wilted and turned brown . . . and, everyone was praying for God to provide some sort of relief.  But, nothing came . . . no rain, and no reduction in our watering or electricity bills.  I, for one, was ready to give up.

Last Sunday afternoon I mowed my grass.  I used the last of the gas I had and mowed what was left of my lawn . . . it was more dust than grass clippings . . . but, I mowed my lawn.  An hour later . . . it rained.  It rained over an inch.  Then this weekend, it rained at least another inch if not more.  The result?  Well, everything that had gone dormant is now growing.  Grass, weeds . . , you name it and it is growing . . . growing like weeds.  Why shouldn’t it be?  After all, God’s water is a heck of a lot better than the water I pay out the nose for when I water my grass . . . more nutrients or something.  All I know, is that I am going to have to mow my grass a couple of more times thanks to all of this rain!

There are days that I wish that God and I could get on the same page.  As I stated above, I had used the last of my gas to mow my yard.  The grass looked like it was finally ready to give up the ghost and go into the dormant stage until next spring.  I figured that this would be the last time that I would have to mow my grass . . . figured that it would snow and cover up the unevenness of my yard.  Snow is the great deceiver of yard care . . . with a couple of inches of snow, everybody’s yard look the same.  But . . . NO!  God was not done . . . God let it rained.

Apparently God and I are not on the same page.  Apparently God and I have not synchronized our watches.  Apparently God really does not care what I think . . . after all, I am just one of billions of God’s creations.  Apparently God does not have time for me and what I would like to see happen.  Apparently our timing is off.

So what is a guy to do?  I really do not think that God sees this as a problem . . . at least not God’s problem.  What sort of baloney is this!  I really did not want to buy more gas for the lawn mower . . . I really did not want to mow the grass again . . . yet, it seems that God is not done with my yard yet.  The grass keeps growing . . . the dogs keep complaining . . . and, I am spending $3.58 a gallon for gas to mow a lawn that in a couple of week will be cover by e equalizing snow.  Why can’t God get with the program?

I imagine that it is built into those of us who consider ourselves human.  Yeah, we read about God taking care of business . . . but, we are human, and as humans we expect the worse . . . and, expecting the worse, we take matters into our own hands.  We water and mow our lawns that God will take care of in the end.  It is human nature to not fully trust God and God’s timing. 

After half a century of life, one would think that I would trust fully in God and God’s timing.  After a week of rain, the yard looks as good as it has ever looked . . . but, here I am complaining that I need to buy gas . . . need to crank up the ol’ lawnmower at least one more time . . . wondering why God can’t get with the program.   

I guess that is the fallacy of my understanding . . . that God and I would be on the same page.  Rarely has that ever happened . . . that God and I were on the same page.  Someone once told me that if that happened the kingdom of God would be realized.  I think both God and I are still waiting.  This really is not God’s problem, but mine.  I think I need a better watch.  Someday, God and I will get it together . . . and, you better watch out,  because if that happens . . . well, it might all be over.  Timing is important . . . watch out!!  In the meantime, I really do appreciate the rain . . . my yard looks wonderful!

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