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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where’s the Inch?

Do you remember Jared Fogle?  The “Subway Guy”?  Jared Fogle was the guy who stated that he lost nearly 200 pounds by eating healthier and munching on Subway sandwiches.  His claim got him a spokesperson job hawking the sandwiches through Subway advertising media.  Now the truth comes out . . . the sandwiches were an inch short!  He was never eating foot-long subs to begin with . . . they were only eleven inches long!  Now we know.

Recently Subway regular, Matt Corby, posted a picture on Facebook of the sub he had bought from the eatery . . . he posted it next to a tape measure.  The sub sandwich came up short . . . an inch to be exact.  He captioned the picture: “subway pls respond.”

The posting pretty much went viral with over 40,000 “likes, shares, or comments”.  People were not happy that they were getting ripped off, paying for twelve inches and only getting eleven.  People demanded everything from a congressional hearing to free sandwiches for a year to a one inch refund.  Subway got caught a little short.

Of course this is not the first time a fast-food chain has been caught fudging on their claims.  All the hamburger places got called to the carpet years ago for claiming that they were serving quarter pound burgers.  Eventually someone weighed one and it came up lighter than a quarter pound.  The cry went out, “Where’s the beef!”  With Subway it is “Where’s the inch!”  Remember when McDonalds—Mickey’s Golden Rainbow—couldn’t prove that there was actual ice cream in their ice cream?

Needless to say these fast-food places are not “mom and pop” operations—they are huge multi-national corporations.  As multi-national corporations they have great lawyers and advertisers working for them.  The burger dilemma was solved when they started putting on their menu that the weight of the burgers was the “pre-cooked weight” and that it would diminish once cooked.  Subway’s response?  Those fixing the baking their fresh baked bread we baking it wrong—thus the length of their bread would vary slightly when not baked correctly.  From here on out they would make sure that their employees would do it right . . . they’d get that inch back come hell or high water or those employees would soon find themselves at the fryer at McDonalds!

This news destroys the Jared myth of weight loss.  They were duping us.  Jared never ate any foot-long sub!  Eating subs twice a day for a week, Jared was coming up a sub short for all of his efforts.  No wonder he lost that weight!  If I was to give up a sub a week I’d lose weight too!  It is sad when another national trust bites the dust for lies and false advertising . . . why, Subway, why?  Where’s the inch!

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