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Monday, April 23, 2012

What! Not Again!

It is with great anticipation that I wait for the annual Time magazine issue that announces "the 100 most influential people in the world."  Though it is dated April 30, 2012 it arrived at the house last Friday.  As I scanned the cover I did not see a picture of myself anywhere . . . but hey, I am not egotistical . . . I can let others have the glory . . . that is what influential people do--they share the glory.  Makes everyone think that they are nice people.  Opening up the cover and scanning through the pages I thought I had gotten a defective copy as I could not find my picture anywhere inside the magazine.  That is the only way I could explain the omission.  But I was sadly mistaken--a annual occurrence--as it dawned on me that there were ten rows of ten pictures on the cover--2012's most influential people were on the cover; and, it turned out that I have all the pages in my copy of the magazine.  The Time panel ignored me once again!

To see the complete list of "the 100 most influential people in the world" go to http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/completelist/0,29569,2111975,00.html.  In respect of Time magazine's panel of experts I must admit that they do have a fairly impressive group of people to offer.  On the cover alone they name Tim Tebow, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Christine Lagarde, Tim Cook, Viola Davis, Marco Rubio, Louis CK, Rihanna, Warren Buffett, Lionel Messi, Matt Lauer, Benjamin Netanyahu, Stephen Colbert, and Adele.  Of the fifteen they named on the cover I knew eight of them!  After checking out the rest on the inside of the magazine I am willing to admit that I probably don't know about two-thirds of the people listed.  It is a unique combination of politicians, entertainers, athletes, royals, religious, and wealthy people--apparently none of which I am!

Now I think that it is a "given" that certain people are going to make the list--especially politicians when it is an election year.  I think Hillary Clinton is a natural for the list as she is a fairly influential person as the Secretary of State for the United States--I'll give them that one.  Now Mitt Romney . . . I had to think about that one for a little bit . . . it is an election year and he will probably be the Republican Party's candidate for the presidential election . . . I wasn't sure if this was a selection for politics or entertainment . . . but the panel is filled with experts so they must know what they are doing.  Still, I wonder.

Athletes . . . outside of the sporting world I am not too sure that they are that influential.  I suppose that Tim Tebow was selected for his power witness to his faith . . . even though it is not a faith that totally represents all those who are believers in Jesus.  His is a more conservative brand, but it is a powerful witness.  I guess we will see how he survives in the Big Apple or if the Big Apple will eat him alive.  Jeremy Lin (picture above) is a little different even though he too is an evangelical Christian.  Lin is the first person of his race to be in the National Basketball Association and to make an impact on a team--though the team is the Knicks.  Time magazine did a unique thing in having Lin pay homage to Tebow--kind of a mini-revival of sorts as they tooted each others horns.  I guess I am not evangelical or conservative enough in my faith to make the list . . . nor athletic enough.  I guess my superior days of athleticism are long gone, though many say they never were.

Now I think that part of the selection process had to do with how one looks physically.  And, I would have to admit that many of the folks on the list were either beautiful or handsome--two qualities I have never been accused of having.  Having said that I question one of their selections--Pippa Middleton.  Granted, Pippa fills out her clothing quite nicely.  She popped onto the international scene as she was the maid of honor for her sister when she married that "prince guy" from England.  As I said, she literally "popped" onto the scene thanks to her ability to fill her dress.  Many proclaimed that she had the perfect ass--I won't argue, but I too have been called the "perfect ass".  You don't see my name or picture in Time magazine's "100 most influential people of the world list."

I am not into politics . . . don't have the physical looks . . . definitely don't have Warren Buffett's money . . . not athletic enough . . . not conservative enough in my faith . . . can't sing like Adele or Rihanna . . . I am not known by one name . . . I haven't invented anything . . . I haven't been arrested for protesting some great injustice . . . I haven't been in prison . . . I am not that funny, though I have been called funny looking . . . and the list could go on and on as to why I was not selected once again. 

I guess I should take consolation in the knowledge that I was a runner-up once again.  Coming in second is not so bad.  But it is getting tiresome coming in second, but I am a nice guy and nice guys always finish last.  So, I will lick my wounds, work a little harder at getting famous, and count the days until Time magazine announces it 2013 list of "the 100 most influential people in the world."  I just know that I am getting closer each year.  Heck, I finally made the wife's top ten list this year!  Things are looking up!

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