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Monday, September 12, 2011

Killing Time--Great Falls Photos

One of the gifts that my children gave me this past Christmas was a Nikon Coolpix Camera.  This camera was to replace the one that I was stolen out of my car while visiting the oldest son in Fort Collins, Colorado the summer before.  Typically I like using my Canon PowerShot S3 single lense reflex camera for taking photographs as it takes some pretty spectacular pictures, but I had been using the small digital camera that I had inherited from my father for quick and spontaneous pictures.  I carried it around in my pants pocket and it was always ready to go.  With that gone I was left with my cell phone to take those kinds of pictures.  At least that was until I received my Coolpix.

Now I have not had a lot of experience of taking pictures by looking at a screen to see the image.  I have always looked through the lense.  The Coolpix was a whole new adventure for me in photography.  To say the least, I had not spent much time with the camera since getting it.  I found it a challenge.  So, when the wife and I were recently in Great Falls for a regional church meeting I had some time to kill while the wife was in a meeting.  Having time to kill meant I could play around with the Coolpix . . . and that is what I did.

I whipped out the camera at two locations in Great Fall--one was at the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center, the other was in the block around Central Christian Church in downtown Great Falls.  I have always told the youngest son--one who hopes to be a professional photographer . . . a brewer who owns his own brewery, you have to take a lot of pictures to get one or two good ones.  I took a lot of pictures while in Great Falls.  Here are the ones I liked the best:

  The Missouri River.  Looking towards the city of Great Falls and the 
water fall that gave the community its name.  This was taken at
the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center.

 One of the wild critters that make its home around the Lewis and
Clark Interpretative Center.
Wild sunflowers coming to the end of their season . . .

 . . . but that does not stop the bumble bee from stocking up for the 
long winter to come.
Looking up the corner of the three-story old school building that
now serves as a community center across the street from 
Central Christian Church in downtown Great Falls.  I love
the patterns and different colors of bricks that were quite
"modern" in the early 1900s when this building was built.

 On another side of the building is a bricked window--note
the two colors of bricks.  Makes one wonder what the builders
were thinking here.

 Around on another side of the building was this wonderful pattern
made at the corner of the building looking up at the roof.  I just love
the pattern and contrast of the bricks and artwork against the 
blue sky--intricate, yet simple.

 Behind the community is the remains of a bakery and its 
"advertising"--the building is now an apartment/office building.  
Bread and Beer--open until midnight--who could ask for 
anything more!
On the same wall--not to be outdone--a modern graffiti artist
left his or her artistic impression on the same building.  Probably got there 
after midnight and couldn't get any "cold beer"!

 The Greek Orthodox Church just across the street from Central
Christian Church.  I loved the shadows of the trees on the bell
tower of the church--distinctively holy in its image.

 The front doors of the Greek Orthodox Church--talk about
having to "cross" a threshold to enter.
Central Christian Church, downtown Great Falls . . .

 On the previous picture you can barely see the black bird on the steeple 
cross . . . is this a "sign"?
In the sanctuary at Central Christian Church is a circular window
that is clear glass allowing the congregation to view out and admire
the trees that line the church property.  This is a reflection of the trees--
from the outside--God makes God's own stained glass windows.
From another angle one gets the evening moonrise framed by trees.

 The full effect of everything coming together--the blak bird on the cross,
God's stained glass window, and the setting sun.
God's touch--beauty--is all around if one takes the time to open one's eyes.  Killing some time while waiting for the wife and to attend a meeting I found God's beauty just walking around the block.  Plus, I got to play around with the Nikon Coolpix camera and feel like I am getting a little better with each time I use it.  But, in closing, I saved my favorite picture for last:

Sunset in downtown Great Falls--looking down an alley near Central 
Christian Church.
I hope that you enjoy these pictures as much as I do--look around and discover God's touch in your world!

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